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内容摘要:market overview:market continued to decline this week, the Shanghai Composite Index since one week decline in nearly two-year low,GEM meannu...

market overview:

market continued to decline this week, the Shanghai Composite Index since one week decline in nearly two-year low, GEM mean number fell over 6%, Annual Report Announcements disclosure, reproduction of a large number of stock market collapse of the phenomenon of flash , Traders continued to plunge, after falling for four days in a row, the index plummeted again in early trading Friday, after the rapid recovery of the Shanghai Composite Index approached the 3500 mark, the overall market differentiation is still evident, the agency believes that although the broader market before the holiday Will still dominate the market volatility, but the overall upward trend has not changed. This week, the performance of poor stocks to kill the "performance-centric" investment style reflects the advantages of the mainstream style in the future will not change. As of Friday's close, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3462.08 points, down 2.70%; Shenzhen Component Index dropped to 10925.16 points, down 5.47%; GEM hit 1702.43 points, down 6.30%; small plate refers to a 5% decline in Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 In the industry sector, only 2 of the 28 industries in SWS closed up: steel rose 4.44%, mining rose 1.4%, and telecommunications sector fell -10.8%. In the industry, computers, agriculture and forestry Animal husbandry and fishing, machinery and equipment fell more than 7%.


financial institutions in order to use "reserve temporary use arrangement" under the influence and at the end of fiscal spending this week Bank between liquidity remain relaxed state. This week the funds interest rates most of the lower, of which R001 daily average decreased 5.4bp, R007 average daily decreased 11.8bp, R014 decreased 26bp daily average, R021 daily average decreased 24bp.


this week, the overall decline in equity income fund, equity funds, hybrid funds, bond funds ,QDII fund average yield was -3.59% and - 1.56% - 0.08% - 2.11%.

one week off fund performance:

7 _89456_121_65473_97 _89456_285_65473_9-4.71 7 _89456_447_65473_9 Huaxia Chinese debentures (QDII) A7_89456 _532_65473_9
one week equity fund net performance
Code referred % decline in net worth rose Code referred Quote change in net financial Securities Coal Index%
168204.OF grade 4. 83 164908.SZ Environmental Management -10.11
168203.OF7_89456_78_65473_ 9 in the financial card country's steel industry Index classification 4.70 501030.SH environmental governance -10.06
161032.OF Wells Fargo Securities Coal Index classification 4.35 501031.SH environment C-10.06
502023.SH steel grade 4.26 002236 .OF Dacheng CSI 360 Internet + Big Data 100 Index A-9.62
005402.OF GF resources Dacheng preferred stock 3.83 003359.OF CSI 360 Index 100 Internet + large data C-9.58
one week hybrid funds fund performance
Code % codes referred net of Price referred Net value change%
002130.OF Guangfa Xinlong Mix A11.35 7_ 89456_162_65473_9002863.OF Kim Shin Shenzhen Growth Mixed -10.58
002203.OF Cathay Rui letter balanced mix 7.72 001822.OF Chinese businessmen Smart Life Flexible Allocation -10.00
110025.OF easy to square up resources industry 4.99 000800.OF mixed Chinese businessmen future theme Blend -9.60
002822.OF Merchants Fengle Mixing C7_89 456_202_65473_94.52 001071.OF Hua Internet media mix -9.50
002821.OF investment fengle mixed Theme Selected Mixed A4.50 630011.OF Chinese businessmen -9.46
one week bond funds fund performance
Code referred net up Decline% Code Short Form Change in Net Value %
002675.OF in living in harmony with Feng net debt C15.38 003101.OF Nordisk Sky bonds -6.26
003892.OF Peng Hua Putai bond 13.65 710302.OF Fu Anderson Enhanced Yield Bond C-4.73
003188.OF Bo poly Source Pure Bonds 8.33 710301.OF Fu Anda Enhanced Yield Bonds A
003937.OF South and Lee C1.33 040022.OF Hua convertible bonds and net profit A1.32 040023.OF south Hua convertible bonds B-4.53
one week QDII fund bonds A-4.58
003936.OF Performance
Code Short form Net increase % pieces of code referred net of Price%
510900.SHH shares ETF4.44 002893.OF China Mobile Internet mix (QDII) dollars in cash -4.41
110033.OF Yi Fangda Heng born Chinese enterprises ETF feeder cash (QDII) 4 .15 002892.OF China mobile Internet mix (QDII) US dollars in cash -4.41
110032.OF Smart Yi Fangda Heng born Chinese enterprises ETF feeder cash (QDII) 4.15 002891.OF China Mobile Internet mix (QDII) RMB -4.37
160138.SZ Huaxia Chinese state-owned enterprises 4.13 002230.OF mixed (QDII) -3.35
160139 .OF savvy South Hang Seng China enterprises index (QDII-LOF) C4.12 001481.OF Warburg \u0026 P US upstream oil and gas stocks Yuan (QDII) -3.04
one week Monetary Fund net performance
Code referred to as the mean annual yield Code referred range on the 7th annual yield mean
005243.OF intermediation Chinese concept of bonds (QDII) 0 section 7 .03 002230.OF Huaxia Chinese hybrid (QDII) -7.17
002877.OF-0.41 513050.SH ALMOST Warburg \u0026 P oil and gas upstream -0.42 001481.OF Internet -5.83
004163.OF Cathay Pacific China Business Credit Featured bonds (QDII) A cash dollar US stocks (QDII) -5.55
004162.OF Cathay Pacific China business credit Featured bonds (QDII) A dollar cash -0.42 162411.SZ Warburg oil and gas -5.55 7_89456 _484_65473_9
002879.OF Huaxia Chinese credit debt dollar notes (QDII) A-0.42 164906.SZ China Internet -5.53

Cash part: It is recommended to invest in live treasure, such as ① Penghua Tim Lee Po currency (001666), ② E Fund Daily Money A (000009).

Monetary Fund

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Fund Code Fund referred to 7 _ 89456 _ 546 _ 65473 _ 97 _ 89456 _ 547 _ 65473 _ 97 days annual fee operating
001666 Peng Huatian Li Bao currency 4.75% 0.00% 0.00% buy Open an account to buy
000009 E Fund daily money management currency A7_89456_576_6547 3_94.29% 0.00 % 0.00% purchase account purchase
Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data , Galaxy Securities, as of the date: 2018-02-05

partial stock-based gold

partial stock fund

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Fund Code fund referred near June earnings fee 7_89456_616_6 5473_9 Everbright manufacturing operations
001740 2025 mixed Chinese 26.99% 1.50 % 0.15% purchase account to buy the South
002851 quality mixed 23.98% 1.50 % 0.15% purchase account purchase
040008 preferred strategy Hua mixed 7_89456_660 _65473_924.81% 1.50 % 0.15% purchase account purchase
166006 Central Europe industry growth mixed (LOF) A18.11% 1.50% 0.15% purchase account purchase
Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data, Galaxy Securities , As of: 2018-02-05

Bond funds

Bond funds

Phone can also buy funds, click here to download 7_89456_698_65473_ 9 Fund Code fund referred near June earnings fee operating 110027 Yi Fang Daan heart Bonds A4.79% 0.80% 0.08% purchase account purchase 000236 ICBC month salary paid regularly bonds A3.87% 0.80 % 0.08% 7_89456_7 42_65473_9 purchase account to buy UBS optimization 121012 Guoqiang debt A / B1.28% 0.80% 0.08% purchase account purchase Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data , Galaxy Securities, as of the date: 2018-02- 05

QDII fund

QDII fund

the phone can buy a fund account, click here to download immediately 7 _89456_781_65473_9 near June earnings
Fund Code Fund referred fee operating outside
241001 Huabao Hai China Growth Mixed 17.78% 1.50 % 0.15% purchase account purchase
000071 Huaxia Heng Health ETF joins 9.75% 1.20% 0.12% buy Buy
2700427_89456_824_65 473_9 GF Nasdaq 100 index 7.36% 1.30 % 0.13% purchase account purchase
096001 Great S \u0026 P 5002.48% 1.50 % 0.15% purchase account purchase
Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data , Galaxy Securities, As of: 2018-02-05

Everyday Fund Investment Strategy

The current market sentiment has entered the turmoil in the region, from the disk performance point of view, the capital preferred style of the broader market in the small cap, strict supervision, deleveraging, liquidity tightening and other policy environment, A-share market will continue to show The size of differentiation, the strong strong Hengqiang continue to be optimistic about the value of blue-chip valuation repair opportunities; Looking into the market, "performance is king" is the same principle, no matter the market is stable or shock adjustment, the main line of value investment are expected to continue, continue Avoid themes, concepts, performance of landmarks.

CIC Securities: the recent adjustment of the market for four consecutive days, the initial trigger mainly from overbought market technology, and then due to the performance of some companies reported a huge loss, falling tide triggered the market cautious sentiment; In addition, financial regulation, deleveraging background Under the circumstances, Wanke's independent director Liu Shuwei disclosed that due to the expiration of Baoneng Asset Management Plan, he requested the SFC to order his immediate liquidation of the open letter, triggering market concerns about other trusts and the liquidation plan may be liquidated. Large flashback flashback stocks, market panic has spread. We believe that the current market economy more focus on performance, non-performance-backed stocks continue to release the risk, today * ST Hairun shares have been below 1 yuan, the future or there will be more fair share, market differentiation will become the norm . Despite the continuous adjustment for four days, Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index is still above the short-term long and short separations on the 30th and continue to be optimistic about the valuation and repair opportunities for blue-chip worth. Looking forward, the broader market will continue to evolve in short or extended terms , Concept, performance of mine stocks.

fund school

article read how to use arbitrage fund shares suspended - According to the example

music deemed to be suspended for the stock arbitrage fund is divided into two, one is expected to resume trading will be suspended stock continuous limit, as previously south Jiajie . Good has been identified, but the suspension of the stock can not be bought, can only buy heavily stocked the fund, the stock trading resume trading after a continuous limit, by holding a share of the Fund; the other is the suspension of bad stock has emerged, heavy positions The stock fund has been its limit (the more the better), if there is no withdrawal limit after the resumption of trading, then the fund there is an arbitrage opportunity.

for nearly a year after the suspension LETV , there are many heavily loaded during the Watch music fund reduced several times the valuation, the current minimum dropped to around 3.91 yuan, compared with the share price before the suspension Letv , Equivalent to a continuous 13 daily limit. If the music as the 13 daily limit before opening in advance, Shigekura Fund will be the market price adjustment Le valuation, investors will have the opportunity to purchase redemption Shigekura fund arbitrage, which, LeTV accounted for a higher proportion of fund arbitrage more likely high.


The idea stems from the fact that according to the relevant provisions of China Securities Regulatory Commission and the fund contract, part of the long-term suspension of the Fund Awkwardness, the trading of the shares after the resumption of trading reflects the characteristics of an active market transaction, the recovery of the use of the closing price of the day valuation. Take this as an example, we are not discussing whether the stock price of music after the resumption of trading will fall to 3.91 yuan, but if not fell to 3.91 yuan, how to use the fund for arbitrage. Annual Report data show that as of the end of 2017, a total of more than 50 public funds held by LeTV, the total number of shares to 99,479,700 shares, of which the top ten Shigekura hold 20, accounting for the highest proportion of the net value of the Fund is Huaan GEM 50A to 8.86%, followed by the western long-term profits, accounting for 8.14% of the net, and China Post dual dynamic mix, accounting for 6.29% of the net.

heavily loaded with music as the public fund:


If music as advance open board, specific yield terms to account for net rating than 50, the highest index of Hua GEM, for example, music Watch proportion of total net fund is 8.86%, not to consider the purchase of foreclosure Back to the rate, to open the fifth limit after the opening plate, for example, the stock fell from 9.05 yuan to 8.15 yuan, the day opened the plate to restore the use of the closing price valuation, that is, the original valuation of 3.92 yuan to be redeemed 8.15 yuan, And directly reflected in the net value of the Fund, then the overall holdings of music assets will soar 108.36%, reflected in the net fund value, HuaAn Venture 50 index holds music ratings of 8.86%, the net will rise 9.60%, of course, this Music is the same day as the prerequisite to open the door.

music Watch the first three open board in advance are heavy income arbitrage funds:



appropriate, risk arbitrage Watch music to be overlooked, the specific operation, there are several aspects must be considered: first, the cost of funds There is a fee for subscription and redemption. These fees will lower the revenue. The lower the revenue, the lower the corresponding revenue. After excluding the fees, the corresponding arbitrage space will be smaller. Second, there is the size of the fund. The clever money in the market is very much concerned with all kinds of opportunities. If the fund is small in size, a large amount of capital influx into the fund when the opportunity arises will dilute the revenue. Finally, for the arbitrage funds, in addition to the day before opening a board more difficult to intervene in the prediction, but also consider the performance of other Awkwardly, the other Awkwardness ups and downs of the fund's net impact is also great, such as the Huaan GEM 50 Index We must keep watching the performance of the GEM during the opening ceremony of the TV show. In addition, the music net January 30 disclosure of 2017 annual results notice shows that the company expects net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies in 2017 loss of about 11.6 billion yuan, if the stock price below fund valuation , will face losses, please investors Pay attention to the related risks.

Risk Warning:

finishing this report published by the Institute of Oriental Fortune Securities based on the open market data, for reference, Institute of Oriental Fortune Securities can not guarantee data authenticity, accuracy and completeness. The contents of the report do not represent the views of the Fund every day, does not constitute investment advice, investors operate accordingly, at your own risk. Market risk, the investment need to be cautious. Shanghai Oriental Fortune Securities Institute Co., Ltd.






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